Monday, September 20, 2004

Three Squash Revolution

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Fukuoka wrote the book, One Straw Revolution (another bit of must reading for any interested in loosely defined agriculture).

We're having a Three Squash Revolution!

Well, honestly, there are at least five I saw today, and a thorough search of the area is likely to turn up even more of them.

These magnificent acorn type squashes grew quite nicely on their own in the fenced animal field all the while goats, a cow, a horse, a donkey and chickens munched around them. The seed got there because at some point we fed either seeds or a whole squash to some of the animals (winter squash is good animal feed for all animals -- us and them). We found them when we were bush hogging although husband may have known they were there already as he is the one who managed to avoid mowing them. They are the only acorns that got grown this year, mores the pity. In the garden we have lots of pumpkins, lots of cushaws, and an unknown number of butternut, most all grown in conjunction with corn and beans in the three sisters method.

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