Friday, September 17, 2004

Off the Place

Went to a homeschool meeting yesterday. That’s life off the farm! Went to the activity, went out to eat a pizza buffet afterwards with friends. Had to say good-bye to my friend Laura who is packing the U-Haul today to drive to Charleston tomorrow. And got to say hello to another friend Laura I first met over a decade ago and don’t know the last time I saw her but it was really cool to see her again and I hope we get to spend some time before she goes back out west.

Came home and the remains of Hurricane Ivan weren’t here yet so stopped at the garden to pick more beans and gather in more of the corn.

"Bear the baskets filled with grain, oats and barley and rye
Hide them from the pouring rain soon to darken the sky."

Had a supper of baked tofu, baked green beans (we chose the purple hulled pole beans for this), freshly dug potatoes baked, and grilled up some corn cakes, served with fresh milk, fresh butter and fresh sour cream. All but the tofu was off the place, and it could be.

So otherwise today I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

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