Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Life, the Universe & Everything

aka Answers

and No, it isn't 42.

As I was sweeping up the mowings in the front bottom pasture yesterday and mulching the winter squash (pumpkins and cushaws mostly), I was contemplating my friend's death and funeral and life, and my life, our life here, and I was thinking that yes, indeed, there are some answers.

Not THE answers. Not everyone wants the same things so different people have different "answers" and if your answers make you a person I don't respect, I don't need to respect your "answers". If you know what I mean. I don't think everything is just as valid as everything else. And I don't think we all want the same things. But I don't think there is A way, AN answer, either.

And it also occurred to me that many people, probably even most people, don't even think about it. And even of those who do, many don't come up with any answers that make sense to them because of their being so boxed in by assumptions that they can't see their way around. And those people often get mad at we people who have questioned and have put in the physical and spiritual work and have found some answers.

It is like, if you are living your dream, a lot of people will hate you for it because they are not living theirs and you are a reminder that they could if it were really important to them and they hate that reminder -- like their mother telling them to eat their canned spinach or something.

But my friend who died, I never knew him to question himself just because someone else did. I never knew him to be defensive. Or impatient even with idiots.

That isn't me.

Me, I'm just awful glad I have some answers. And I'm awful glad he had some answers. And I'm awful glad we got to share some of those with each other in this incarnation. And to the idiots without answers, without even questions, :-p


Anonymous said...

You know, I don't think it's that you say you have some answers that bugs me.....I'm glad you do, really. It's the number of assumptions you seem to make about the rest of us that gets on my nerves. You know? I mean, are you sure you really know all of us out here who are not living--in your terms--living our dream?

the Contrary Goddess said...

well now Amidha, you are the only one who can figure that out, aren't you? But you are so preoccupied in judging me . . .