Saturday, March 23, 2024

another year

 Hi there. I was thinking about this blog tonight as I walked to the garden at sunset to spray the blossoms on the peach trees with water hoping to protect them from the frost (although really, it isn't going to be that cold until almost dawn and will the water stay on there that long? I don't know, but intentions are out there in the universe). I still haven't completely finished re-reading _One Straw Revolution_. We've made a lot of hominy and grits and masa this year to go along with the corn meal. We are eating a lot of chickens and goats. I made the first cheese of this milking season yesterday. I bought these towels months ago thinking they'd be good cheese draining clothes and . . . they are!

I have several projects, mostly continuing from last year (sweet potatoes and pawpaws). We have lettuce about ready to be transplanted, and the seed potatoes are waiting in the basement as we finish up eating the last of last year's potatoes. I keep a thermometer in the sweet potato slip slightly warmer than the outside frame:

Yeah, it got wet and part of the LCDs don't work, but it works good enough.

And healing goes on, from everything and everyone, eh? You can't love without knowing you could be betrayed, eh? Will be betrayed even. Most times I think we don't mean to and yet, eh?

There's been a lot of wind this year. Spirit moves on breath/wind.We've had at least four big trees (well, one was half a tree) come down, most bringing a couple more down with them. So plenty of firewood and fortunate on all other aspects.

There are huge shifts going on. I hope you are weathering them well. And voting like your rights and the world depends on it, because it does. *uck tRump.

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