Saturday, December 19, 2020

may I direct your attention

 I just want to send you to read another blog post.  He doesn't post often but it's all worthwhile so spend some time there if you've got it. 

Thoughts of a Coal Miner - COVID-19 Is Teaching Us a Lesson. We Should Listen.


"We need to be getting back to our roots. We need to stop being so dependent upon an economy that will only let us down, something that has happened before and is happening now. We need to take away the power the wealthy have over us by being dependent upon ourselves and each other. We need to reevaluate what our lives are about and what is most important to us. Personally, I think everyone needs to get their asses out of the factories, out of the mines, out from behind their cushy desks and back into the garden."

Kindly what we've practiced and preached all along.  In case you are counting, this blog is 15 years old, and we'd been moving in that direction, practicing, for 15 years before that. To quote Scott Nearing, "It's A good life."

And for the record, Joel Salatin is not to be admired.


Wendy said...

I have missed your blog! I'm not sure why I stopped reading, but here you are, and I'm so happy you're still around.

I'm looking forward to catching up :).

CG said...

I haven't written much, and certainly nothing cohesive. But it is still where some things get expressed sometimes!