Friday, October 11, 2019

Wow. A Year.

It's  been a year since I posted here?  Well, it sure has been a year.  I'm not actually in that pic but that's a huge part of what a year it has been.

And if it isn't you, fuck you.  I mean, who are you if you can accept treason and bullying and lying and obstructing justice and cheating and more lying and yet more lying?  Who are you if you think hollering at people going to their DOCTOR is love or counseling or whatever you want to pretend today to stroke your own ego.  And who are you if you think it isn't up to you to stand against hate?

I used to really avoid that "f" word.  Why intentionally offend people?  Now if THAT is what offends someone, what is wrong with them.  It is a WORD.  And yet you are fine with people being hungry?  Dying.  Black lives not mattering.  Targeting people based on race, religion, sexuality?  The majority of folks not having access to BASIC healthcare?  Etc.

Now of course life still happens.  Not much bread baking but a cow is in the freezer and the farmer I work for has a scratch pie baked for him for his birthday tomorrow.  Kids are grown but we're still very much a family and seem to be folding people in rather than emptying out.  The garden sucked this year because the husband had a hernia pop.  Luckily it waited until he had socialized medicine to do that.  We still build on the house as we go.  We have friends with skills.  I still only know one real Christian.  Well, maybe two, and maybe three if I think about it.

I think it has been 15 years on this blog.  I have a really busy week, well, two, coming up.  And my non-busy weeks now only have one day that is not promised already.  So we fantasize about being able to come here and close the gate -- pretty much just like we've always fantasized about coming here and closing the gate. 

We didn't realize 15 years ago that we'd have to try to make the world safe for democracy first.

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