Sunday, June 26, 2005

Chicken Scratch

So, this morning I was coming up from milking and the girls were playing outside. "Would you all please go let out the chickens?" I asked.

"Sure," they said. Then #1 daughter, looking down the field, said, "But there's a chicken already out."

"Yes, he was bad and didn't go in the coop evidently."

"He's the one I fixed yesterday," she said.


"Yeah, he got a string in his toe then wrapped around his feet and he was going like," and she did the most amazing impression of a chicken walking around with his feet tied together, "and he was like, 'Help me get this off,' so I put out some corn and caught him. He's heavy, that one."

"Yes, he is a big old rooster," I said.

"Yep, and [#1 son] helped me get the string off, and when I opened the door, he really wanted outside." This was the first hint they'd brought him inside the house to untangle his legs! "And he flew out."

I was just so amused. I think my children are the greatest ever.

If you drop by sometime, we'll show you how to hypnotize a chicken!


dragonfly183 said...

Awe, thats just to sweet.

Joe Tornatore said...

who would be able to successfully drop by in that neck of the woods? We are talking GPS.

Echo said...

I would love to know how to hypnotize a chicken!!!
I also love to read from those who can admit to adoring their own children as much as I adore mine.

the Contrary Goddess said...

joe - it's easier than Philly! Not all that many roads to choose from even. How can you get lost? (just watch out for full moons)

echo - have you read Tom Robbins? That's where I learned to hypnotize a chicken -- it is easy, fun, and endlessly fascinating to all it seems!

And anyone who does not admit to loving their own children more than any others . . . something is wrong with them! My kids are so great!

And it is great to hear from you echo, you KNOW I love your stuff more than any other!